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The massive battle begins; Part seven.

I heard Xander just on the fringes of going outside, heard him...heard him as if I were blessed with the hearing of a vampire. Set against the backdrop of demons screaming and howling and the crashing down of the deluge of the sky, I heard him say, without preamble, that Willow needed to go dark. To me, considering what was out there, I couldn't agree more. I just...just hoped that like everyone else, out there in the deluge, that she had the courage to do so.

Robin handed me a sword and Chao Ahn walked ahead with purpose, almost robotically, towards the door, while Claire looked at me with comfort as if everything was going to be okay. Somehow, I knew that this wasn't going to be the case and while this was a battle that needed to be thrust upon the world, because of Angel's idiocy, this might be where I died.

Any thoughts of regret about coming, or regret about the way that we had planned things, was gone as we went towards the door. I did, however, say one thing to Buffy, before she walked out. "If we aren't to make it, Buffy, I know that you will and that you will run the Council along with your sister, Andrew and whoever makes it and that you will keep making the world entirely safe."

It was one final opportunity to let Buffy know that I was still someone who could guide her, even if she was so impressive in who she'd become and even if she had battled back every challenge. This was another challenge for her and I knew that she would make it.

As for me, I didn't believe that this would be a battle...a battle that I would survive. I was older and tired and didn't have the strength of anyone else here. I was tall and was an easy target for those demons. I knew that I had assmebled the Council again and had slayers that would survive tonight and I had spearheaded that and had done my part for the world, but more then that, I remembered the old days. I remembered when...when Buffy was defiant, and still I grew to love her and her sister and her friends. I truly believed that these would be my final thoughts and that I would die brutally out there, because of Angel and because of what had Angel had done. I followed Chao Ahn, being pushed by Claire.

But, when I went outside, my feeling that I would die changed. I watched Xander nearly die, and just out of the corner of my eye, I saw Andrea die and Vi lose and arm. It was only a matter of time. Willow shoved the demons back with a fling of her arm, yet she was not trying to kill all of us.

Then, Chao Ahn was swallowed whole, Buffy, Faith and Robin came out and went to work, all vicious, which they needed to be, which I needed to be, and with Claire at my side, we moved along, past Willow who had just killed a demon by burning it alive, and who was about to be attacked.

Xander screamed for her to watch out and I found myself doing it, but turned to focus on what was coming at me. Claire went ballistic, slicing and chopping and kicking demons away when necessary. She was in a good place and I fought by her side, watching her back, since Chao Ahn, bless her soul, had died.

There were so many of them. We had to work together, and so many, had passed on already.

[Claire and Lindsey]
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