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Genesis LA [entries|friends|calendar]
Heroes Reunited in Los Angeles.

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Do this, Doc, or die. [24 Dec 2006|11:55am]

[ mood | excited ]

I had managd to escape the fight zone through the alley, Claire over my left shoulder, the sword in my right hand.

It was significant that I keep running towards Doctor Chievgen's home, where he had a lab similar to the one that he had at Wolfram and Hart, because Angel could have seen me, the demon crowd thinning, and if he did, he would know that I had killed Lorne, but more importnatly now, because I had a vampire slayer draped over my shoulder and if she were to wake, the only defense that I would have against her, would be the sword.

I didn't want it to come to that, because I wanted her in tact. Claire, a young and impressionable vampire slayer, would be perfect for exacting revenge on Angel for trying to double-cross me by having Lorne kill me and I knew that Chievgen could perform some magic, probably even at his home, and make Claire see me as a God...a subject for me, maybe in many ways with my Eve dead, but certainly, sex aside, a powerful ally who could kill Angel with her bare hands...

As I ran, I felt her grab a hold of my head with her left arm and as she pulled herself towards the ground, sliding down my chest, she kneed me where it hurt a little too much at the moment and then picked me up from the headlock that she had me in and slammed me on to the ground.

She balled her fist up and before I could cover up with my left hand, my right hand still on the sword, she hit me with a right hand that felt like it had destroyed my facial bones entirely.

Before she could hit me again, I brought the butt of the swrod up and with less power then the last time, I hit her in the temple, as I had hit the old man, Giles. She fell back and I rolled, my nose bloodied, my balls screaming. Reflexively, I swung the sword at her, though when swinging it, I realized that I didn't want to hurt her...as she charged me. She put her arm up to defend it and like Angel had done to me so long ago, I sliced through her forearm, inches from the elbow and her arm fell off, to the ground.

She screamed, feel back and I quickly smashed her on the forehead, just at the hairline, with the butt of the sword.

I had probably just killed her, and as she once again fell unconscious, her arm started almost immediately regenrating. Stunned, I watched her arm grow back entirely.

Now, I really had a weapon. The girl seemed impervious to defeat. Sore, my testes screaming, my face swelling, I put her back on my shoulder and quickly reached Chievgen's morbid looking house just north of Sunset boulevard.

I kicked the door in and watched him jump from his chair. "Chievgen, you're going to do me a little favor and I know you have the implements here at home. You're going to give her a control chip, similar to the lawyer upgrade chip that you gave me and Gunn in the past. I want to be able to control her with one key phrase..."

He seemed hesitant, and I set Claire down and put the sword at his neck. "You'll do this Doc, or you'll die. You'll do this and stay in favor with the Senior Partners."

Holding the sword against his throat, he nodded like he would do it and ten minutes later, He was injecting a chip into her neck after he had programmed the key word 'impervious' into the chip.

Claire awoke during the procedure and started screaming. Tyhe procedure wasn't done and yet, she was awake again and looking at me with hatred, while strapped down to the chair.

"I'm really truly sorry that it has to be this way, Claire, but there is no other way...then again, it doesn't matter what I do to you, does it? Not only do you have vampire slayer strength, but it seems that you can regrow limbs. I'm also sorry about cutting your arm off, but you left me no choice. You would have killed me or beaten me within an inch of my life if I didn't defend myself..."

Chievgen started drilling again and the noise filled the room once more and ashe she looked at me, she screamed.


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Running over the demons. [26 Nov 2006|07:27pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Justin and I were prepared to fight hundres, thousands of demons, even. We had been ensouled and for better or worse, we both knew that this was where we were supposed to be, whether we were accepted by those that we were helping, or if we bloody weren't.

In the process of killing probably about twenty demons, and garnering swords, we both realized after pausing, briefly, that the demons weren't attacking us. That was odd. We backed away a little bit and as we did, the demons who were facing us, and we had swords in our hands, turned around, like we didn't exist.

I couldn't fathom evil Frolex demons, and Uaeb's and Slime demons and vampires not wanting to battle us. For some reason, they were only interested in advancing towards the north, towards the direction that they were heading. Something there, and I would have given anything to know what it was, had their attentions focused completely, that they would let powerhouses like myself and Justin just walk away.

Justin decided for both of us, that we should forget chopping up a thousand plus demons with swords in favor of going to get a vehicle called a Hummer to run them over. I had never actually seen a Hummer. Being British, we preferred Land Rovers and being a creature of the night, not prone to running over things or climbing mountains with my vehicle, I preferred sports cars.

We found the Hummer dealership, though and shared a couple of brief jabs before stealing the floor models. Justin was right. These cars would run over even large demons with great ease. They had monstrous tires and axles and chassis that would allow this to be an easy job, and far simpler for us and eventually safer for those with whom we were fighting.

We sped away and ended up side by side on Wilshire boulevard, the mass of demons still ahead of us. I opened the window before we sped towards the barreling over demon zone and told Justin to be careful for civilians and people on our side.

He nodded and we sped away and when we first made contact, at least on my end, there was a violent thud, but I pressed it into four by four mode and slowly trampled demons, who were now fleeing. They stared running away and towards alleys.

Justin stayed in the crowd, as for me, I chased the demons, plowing them down as they tried to flee. I managed to turn around in the alley and ran back over the demons that had just fled, heading back towards the mass of demons.


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Fight toward Angel [26 Nov 2006|07:01pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I never thought I'd be involved in another battle, this soon. The size didn't bother me until we got here. This is big. More importantly, it's serious. Angel got himself into this mess and I'm here to help him out of it. I pretty much dragged everyone here for the fight. The only person here by her will is Faith.

Faith has some special bond with Angel. A weird bond. I guess she thinks she owes him for saving her life. She saved him, when he became Angelus, again. Faith got hurt pretty bad. If it weren't for Faith or Willow, I don't know what would have happened to Angel. When Faith was in Los Angeles, she found out a lot of things. She knew Connor. I knew of him, but never met him until tonight. He definitely took after Angel. Strong, quiet, and good looking. He didn't talk much. Well, except with Faith.

We fought hundreds of demons within a half an hour. A light spread throughout the streets. I had no idea what was going on, but it made the demons weaker. Connor said that it was Cordelia. I looked at him. I was a bit taken back. Cordelia has been in a coma for over a year. No one told us that she woke up. I didn't know she had that much power. Power to weaken these demons. Very impressive. I have to thank her when I see her.

I figured it would be better if we all split up. Faith and Connor would cover one end. Me and Wood would move toward Angel and Cordelia.

"Buffy and I can work this way, take out the demons affected by the glow, you too hang in there, and when we get to Angel, we'll power towards you guys!"

I looked at Faith and Connor.

"We got it, B. We'll stay back and take care of these guys. Me and junior are five by five."

She smiled and winked at me. "Thanks." I ran over to Wood. "Let's go. When we come back, we should check on the rest of the girls." I had a feeling Wood had other plans in his mind. Suggesting that we go toward Angel, might make him think that I just wanted to see Angel. I caught Wood looking at my. My eyes grew a little wide and I turned my face away. It seemed like he was reading my mind. That was creepy.

"A penny for your thoughts." He was in full think mode. A demon came beside me and interrupted us. I punched and side kicked it in the face. Then, I grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Wood, stepped in front and chopped his head off. "I could have done that myself, but thanks." I gave him a small smile.


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Looking past Willow's death to fight. [13 Nov 2006|02:11am]

[ mood | cold ]

"Look, I'm not saying he's in the right. But, Willow dying wasn't anyone's fault. She chose to use magic. She knew the consequences. We should have been watching her back. Instead, we were fighting."

She had just said that Angel wasn't in the wrong, but he wasn't in the right, either. It was a strange way to look at things, especially considering that Angel was the one that started this war and if he hadn't, then we wouldn't have ben here fighting, where Willow got killed.

Still, I wasn't going to give her any grief about it. She was in shock, just as I was. She was in love with Willow, just I had been before in my life, and in a different way...how I would always love her as a friend. I took one final look at her body before Kennedy and I had developed a new plan. Waiting around out there, fighting, waiting to get picked off by some demon who we couldn't see because we were fighting another demon, was a crazy way to do this.

Kennedy and I decided that the best thing that we could do would be to go around, and circle around the demons at the back of the pack, where nothing would be behind us. I didn't know if the plan would work, but it was the best thing that I had so far. Kennedy seemed to go along with it, being that it was my plan. She was a slayer, and tactically a better fighter then me, but being that she was in a greater state of shock then me, she went along with it.

And well she should. It was the best plan that I had heard from any of the other slayers, a lot of them who were now dying. It was a better plan then any that Buffy or Faith had come up with, and it was a better plan then even Giles himself had come up with. I just wished that I had thought of it before my best friend was killed.

We went out of the back of the hotel and found ourselves in an alley. The demons could be heard, as could the gunfire from the other side of the building. We rushed past one street and then another, in the alley, until we saw that there were no more demons. As we came around, ready to fight, I realized that these might be the last few moments of my life. I had a glass eye and didn't have slayer strength, but at the same time, I didn't care.

Two vampires, fangs donned were fighting the demons and instead of staking them, because they were vampires, I decided, hey, if they were helping, then we could kill them later if they needed it.

"This is it, Kennedy. So, we have the two fanged boys helping here. Do we let them live, and help, and kill them later, or should we take them down now?"


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Firing from an elevated position. [12 Nov 2006|11:33pm]

[ mood | determined ]

This was the only way. It had to be done. It was the only way that we could survive. It was the only way that I could protect Sam, and keep her and myself alive. We had entered the fight, all ten of us, the entire unit, from virtually the middle and even though we had weapons and even though we were able to take out most of the demons, all but Sam and I were eventually swallowed and killed by the surge of demons.

Sam and I had managed to keep ourselves alive, but just barely. In war, casualties and fatalities were the norm, but I hadn't been in an actual conflict against other me, and this was no different. In that kind of conflict, a soldier was trained to focus on the enemy before focusing on the task at hand of helping your friends, your allies. Except that in Samantha and my own case, we had never incurred a fatality in battle against the demons in those jungles.

The same thing couldn't be said anymore. All of them were gone. All of them. Graham had gone down like the warrior that he was, but he was gone, and my heart skipped a beat, my body went cold and I would have surrendered to all out kamikaze at this point if it weren't for my love, my wife, my Samantha still being alive and at my side.

We decided to go to an elevated position, where we weren't in the firing line, but where we would not have to deal with vicious, super-powerful threats coming from all sides and where we could inflict damage amongst the demons. We had machine guns and we had back up rounds, and could make this fight a lot easier for whoever else was fighting. We rushed upstairs, three ata time, and reached the outside of the warehouse that we chose.

We checked the sides of the street. All of the demons were on one side. That made this easier.

"I'm sorry we lost Graham. If there was anything to bring him back..."

I let it slide off of me. Right now, we couldn't grieve. We could do that later.

"This will be over soon. I don't know what else to tell you, honey. I love you."

I wanted to kiss her, but I was so focused on killing the demons below, and there were so many of them, that I focused on the street.

"I love you too, Sam, but we have work to do now."

I studied the streets. There was a glow from a girl that I didn't know and fighting near her were two people that weren't people that I easily recognized. Angel and Spike.

I then saw Buffy fighting alongside someone and could see Xander and a girl moving towards the back of the fight where two other guys were fighting demons from the back.

"Honey, we need to concentrate on the back of the pack. The demons seem stronger and more packed in there. And don't hit civilians. There are a lot of them down there."

That was redundant. As was my want to put a bullet or two into both Spike and Angel, but I knew that they were fighting the demons too. I focused on the back of the pack, readied my sights and started shooting demons, one by one.


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Moving backwards in the battle. [12 Nov 2006|10:35pm]

[ mood | Working ]

I had met some new friends. Faith, I knew, but the blonde, who was awfully strong, just like Faith, I didn't know and I didn't know the black guy either. They were warriors, just like I was. I figured that the blonde was a slayer just like Faith was, and the black guy reminded me of Gunn, only shorter and maybe a little thicker.

The blonde gave the order. Cordy had glowed and the demons up ahead were easier to kill, because Cordelia, amazingly back from the coma, apparently, when hitting somebody angry with that glow, just turned them into a peaceful, pensive lump of jelly. All of these memories came back, and the blonde wanted to work towards the front, to join up with my dad, who was probably with Cordelia, Gunn, Wesley, Spike and that cool chick with the blue hair.

The Black guy, though suggested that we needed, or at least two of us needed to work the other way in this demon crowd, to help against the demons not affected by Cordelia's glow. It was a good suggestion and going in twosomes to watch each other's backs, the blonde and the black guy moved forward, fighting, and swinging, While I went airborne to kick a crowd of demons back and to give us some room.

As I did so, I saw the bodies of some military-like guys in black, all dead, but I also gave Faith and myself some room to breathe. A gun, like other's had, as I still heard firing, would have been nice right now, but as I gripped the axe in my hand, I realizd that it would do just fine too.

"A couple of things, Faith. Who were those two that just left? I'm guessing that the blonde was Buffy, the one who my father loved so much, but the black guy's name would be nice to know. Also, what do you think is going on with all of the military type guys lying on the ground?"

Demons came at us and were either killed instantly by axes, or were cut down to the ground and then were killed. Faith and I seemed to be favoring holding our ground, and letting the demons come to us. It was easy, and comfortable, even though I knew Faith's determination, and she probably wanted to work towards the back of the crowd.

More demons came our way, only this time, instead of two, there were four of them. Faith was brilliant, slicing with her axe, our bodies moving south a little bit, and with a deft swing and an upward thrust, I finished off the last of those four demons.

It was then that Faith saw the redhead and it looked like she was really pissed off now. I recognized her too. Her name was Willow, I think and she had put my father's soul back in one time. Faith attacked again, vicious, not answering me, but I understood. This was a friend of hers. Lots of friends were dying out here tonight.


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Making progress against seemingly insurmountable odds. [05 Nov 2006|07:28pm]

[ mood | determined ]

We were making progress in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. There were literally tens of thousands of demons on the streets of Wilshire boulevard, all with one focus, and one focus only and that was to go after Angel, as they had most assuredly been sent by their dead demon masters of the Circle of the Black Thorn, if not by the Senior Partners directly.

It was an odd occurrence when demons came to a place and in tandem, rushed towards their intended targets. That was the truly scary part of all of this. They were after basically only us, and yet, the way that they were going about it was so foolish. They couldn't reasonably expect to kill us, and not themselves be easy targets while approaching all of us in this manner, could they?

It was not a matter of consequence, anyway. We had to consider ourselves lucky. Their formations when approaching us allowed Gunn and I to hammer them with repeated and lethal machine gun fire, which was most fortunate, for I knew that Gunn was injured and I was having a hard time firing the machine gun, the wound in my stomach taking it's toll on me.

We were also undeniably in a position of fortune, considering that Cordelia was our single greatest weapon in all of this. Sure, Gunn and I had killed the most demons with bullets to their skulls, and Angel, Spike and Illyria were having an easy time decaptitating demons, but all of our efforts were made easy by Cordelia's omnipresent glow. It was radiant, maginificent and even eased my tension over the obviously unwanted situation, but without her, we would not be so full of good fortune.

I moved forward, seeing that Gunn was as well, to my left and reloaded the machine guns, taking a quick look behind me to make sure that no demons were coming from that direction. There were none, and thankfully, there were no civilians behind, either, looking down on the melee. While the demons were after us, I was certain that they would kill if necessary, or if anything got in their way, they would most assuredly assail them with brutal force.

Spike and Illyria continued to fight, moving to the right of Angel and forward, and I made sure that my line of fire was clear, as slowly, but surely, we were making progress. If Cordelia could continue to glow, then we could very well win this war. My own body was fading, but until all of the demons were gone, or I was, I wouldn't stop firing, unless of course, another problem that was about to be an issue, occurred.

I was nearly out of bullets.

[Illyria and Spike]

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We're tearin their snarlin' asses up! [04 Nov 2006|03:15am]

[ mood | determined ]

Cordy's glow was better then any machine gun. Sure, her glow made the demons kinda weak and almost penetant or somethin' which made my machine gun and Wes', twenty feet to my right, all the more effective. But, come on, now, it was so much easier to kill these demons with our guns and for Illyria, Spike and Angel with their swords, because of Cordy's goddess-like power, which she still had.

She was weakened by the effort, though and fell afta her second glow, driftin' away from Angel, who had temporarily moved towards the middle near Spike and Illyria, where they could cova each other's asses while Wesley and I splattered demon blood with bullets on the outsides, on the flanks.

I was weak from being stabbed a couple of times by the vamps at Senator Bitch's office, and from pullin' off round afta round from the machine gun, but afta reloadin', I still had the presence of mind to help Cordy up me and to keep her near me until she gathered her strength again. If she could keep glowin' then we were actually goin' to do it. We were actually goin' to kill like thousands of demons.

There was still a long way to go, but we were doin' it. We were winnin'. These demons had a mission and a purpose, but like every otha demon that I could remmeber facin' in the past, they had a disadvantage. Well, a couple of them. First of all, they always underestimated us, which was their first really giant mistake, and secondly, they were all about snarlin' and growlin' and tearin' us up, that they weren't usin' their brains.

As Angel drifted away and Cordy moved towards him a little bit again, myself also movin' forward in this wet seige on Wilshire boulevard, it became obvious that these demons weren't such a cohesive unit. They were mad that the glow had affected them, probably and so, they started attackin' each otha. Angel, Spike and Illyria separated, and I felt the desire to let them fight themselves and focused on the other ones near Angel and near Cordy, again, as she brought her sword up and killed a demon. I covered both of them which was my job, and right now, we weren't even absorbin' blows. We were just killin' them with our guns and with our swords.

I focused on a group gettin' near Angel from the middle, not far from where a demon mosh-pit brawl amongst themselves had broken out, where a couple seemed to be closin' in on Angel, as he battled with a foe. I put bullets into the heads of two of them, then a third and then a fourth.

We had to have killed like five-hundred demons and one dragon by now, but there was still more work to do. We had to kill them all. I was runnin' out of rounds of ammo. I only had a few left ova my shoulders, but now wasn't the time to think about that. I reloaded.

[Cordy and Angel]

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Kicking some fucking ass. [04 Nov 2006|03:36am]

[ mood | Vicious ]

Rory and I were now immersed in the battle. We had come here, and had been ensouled in the strangest of ways, but the how and why's about us being here could be discussed at length when we had the time, because right now, gorgeous brunettes that both of us were envisioning were most likely in this battle, and they needed our help, as did all of the innocent victims that these thousands of demons would devastate if we didn't stop them. And both of us wanted to stop them. It was hard to explain. It was like if we turned away from the battle, then it hurt us. I knew at least in my case, that this was the case and I had the feeling that Rory felt the same way.

We didn't know who the brunettes in our visions were, but we knew that we had to see them, or save them, somehow, and we knew by description, that they were different women. It was hard to assimilate, and right now, it didn't matter. We approached the demons roaring, one way, from behind. The demons seemed to all be going after one thing. It was strange, but again, I didn't give a shit.

It was time to kick some fucking ass. Myself, mad, I could wipe out twenty demons at once, and working together with Rory, I knew that if we were smart, that we could do a number on these demons, and we both had the speed to escape them if we needed to. We also knew that we weren't fighting alone, because there was a strange glow, that emanated peace in the distance, making me feel good, and there were also numerous and continuous gunshots ringing through the air, and it was doubtful that these demons had machine guns.

After we had killed about ten demons with our bare hands, from behind, planning to go through as many as we could before they even knew what was snapping their necks from behind, they became wise to us and some followed, as we fled, just to look for weapons. A warehouse and some industrial size cutting saws later, we had our weapons and killed the demons that had followed us, but many of the demons that had turned and looked at us with rage, didn't follow.

Something had them irritated and was drawing them forward. I couldn't wait to see who or what that was, but to do that, we had to survive, and for that to happen, we had to use saws to slice open demons. It worked, until a demon came at me with a sword, and knocked the sword from my hand. As he did, I grabbed his sword and chopped his head off, Rory still holding the sword as we worked forward, a crowd of the same size, so many demons, remaining ahead of us, but bodies of demons falling behind us. We were going to get there. Rory kicked a demon who went after him, then ducked as I took that demon's head off with the sword, while Rory scurried around me and attacked a demon trying to attack me from behind. I then sliced through the neck of a vampire and watched the dust fall. Many demons were now facing us, but still, many more went forward.

A sword came towards Rory's neck as he kicked another demons way from him, but I met the demon's sword with my own, a clash in mid air, my arms rigid, not letting go of my sword, while the demon dropped his and tried to prevent me from chopping his head of by bringing his hands up and growling. I sliced right through his thick arms and then his neck, as the sword fell and Rory picked it up. Now, we both had swords.


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The obligation to tell real tales amidst tragedy. [04 Nov 2006|02:21am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Amanda had skipped out on us. Giles, Xander, Willow and all of the slayers of the vamPIRES had gone to Los Angeles to help fight Angel's monstrous, battlestar gallactica battle, leaving me behind in case everyone was to die there, which I couldn't bare to think about, but behind I was left with Dawn and two slayers, to let the Council live on incase the worst happened.

Then Amanda flakes on us, the wild kid, having to go out to Piccadilly Circus, probably, and Bethany, well she doesn't flake. She like completely goes the other way, hears about some big fight at Fangdan's vampiric legion estate and goes there to slay him only days after we had spoke of him in training.

Dawn and I had no choice but to follow, and after getting lost, we found our way to the legion of doom, so to speak. I trembled as we went in and would have been history at the hands of one of Fangdan's flunky's, except that Dawn was so cool and colledted and sliced the vamps head off from behind. Then, only then, did we find Behtany and my heart leapt out of my chest, and I nearly wetted the floor as we saw her hanging on the wall, a trophy of Fangdan's, dead and hanging on display for all of the legion of the most evil Fangdan to laugh at as they walked by, just because she had been precocious and had tried to do the right thing. I had warned her about waiting for Amanda, but she went and now she was gone. One less slayer in the world.

We bailed. We had to. We had nothing for vampires if Bethany didn't, except that we couldn't just leave her in there. We rushed out of the vampire estate, and under the Thames through their specially dug tunnel. So much fear and agitation and tension rushed through me. I had failed and we weren't even in a big war over here like they were in Los Angeles, probably now. I was strickened, didn't know what to say or do, and I somehow managed to utter that we needed to find Amanda, come back, which made me tremble, and get Bethany down from there. She agreed, but agitated, unsure of myself and full of fear, I told her what only I knew so far, that Spike was alive. I didn't know why I had told her now. It was good news and we needed good news, I guess, but vamPIRES doing evil made me think of Spike, who was so cool and such a hero, except now, Dawn was crazy and was driving crazy back to the Council Estate. I buckled up as she demanded to know how I knew, and how Spike was alive and was also asking questions about Fangdan and Rory and Katrina.

"Dawn, Spike vowed me to secrecy, and said that he would show up when he was ready. The law firm and that amulet had something to do with him being brought back. As for Fangdan and his legion. Rory is his oldest friend, and may be stronger then Fangdan himself. He could have been the one to kill Bethany, or maybe they all did it together? Katrina is his lover. Fangdan's lover. She's like Selene from 'Underworld' hot and all, by all accounts, but that doesn't matter. They killed a slayer, they killed a friend and we need to get Amanda and some holy water and automatic weapons right now, and worry about talking about them or Spike until after we get her out of that building and off of that wall, and maybe kill some of these old and evil ones responsible."

She ripped around a corner and pulled up in front of our estate at the end of the long drive. I got out, praying that Amanda was here, my stomach acidic, my legs wobbly, my head light.

[Dawn and Amanda]

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The massive battle begins; Part seven. [18 Oct 2006|10:36pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]

I heard Xander just on the fringes of going outside, heard him...heard him as if I were blessed with the hearing of a vampire. Set against the backdrop of demons screaming and howling and the crashing down of the deluge of the sky, I heard him say, without preamble, that Willow needed to go dark. To me, considering what was out there, I couldn't agree more. I just...just hoped that like everyone else, out there in the deluge, that she had the courage to do so.

Robin handed me a sword and Chao Ahn walked ahead with purpose, almost robotically, towards the door, while Claire looked at me with comfort as if everything was going to be okay. Somehow, I knew that this wasn't going to be the case and while this was a battle that needed to be thrust upon the world, because of Angel's idiocy, this might be where I died.

Any thoughts of regret about coming, or regret about the way that we had planned things, was gone as we went towards the door. I did, however, say one thing to Buffy, before she walked out. "If we aren't to make it, Buffy, I know that you will and that you will run the Council along with your sister, Andrew and whoever makes it and that you will keep making the world entirely safe."

It was one final opportunity to let Buffy know that I was still someone who could guide her, even if she was so impressive in who she'd become and even if she had battled back every challenge. This was another challenge for her and I knew that she would make it.

As for me, I didn't believe that this would be a battle...a battle that I would survive. I was older and tired and didn't have the strength of anyone else here. I was tall and was an easy target for those demons. I knew that I had assmebled the Council again and had slayers that would survive tonight and I had spearheaded that and had done my part for the world, but more then that, I remembered the old days. I remembered when...when Buffy was defiant, and still I grew to love her and her sister and her friends. I truly believed that these would be my final thoughts and that I would die brutally out there, because of Angel and because of what had Angel had done. I followed Chao Ahn, being pushed by Claire.

But, when I went outside, my feeling that I would die changed. I watched Xander nearly die, and just out of the corner of my eye, I saw Andrea die and Vi lose and arm. It was only a matter of time. Willow shoved the demons back with a fling of her arm, yet she was not trying to kill all of us.

Then, Chao Ahn was swallowed whole, Buffy, Faith and Robin came out and went to work, all vicious, which they needed to be, which I needed to be, and with Claire at my side, we moved along, past Willow who had just killed a demon by burning it alive, and who was about to be attacked.

Xander screamed for her to watch out and I found myself doing it, but turned to focus on what was coming at me. Claire went ballistic, slicing and chopping and kicking demons away when necessary. She was in a good place and I fought by her side, watching her back, since Chao Ahn, bless her soul, had died.

There were so many of them. We had to work together, and so many, had passed on already.

[Claire and Lindsey]

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The massive battle begins; Part six. [18 Oct 2006|10:10pm]

[ mood | scared ]

It was all so surreal. Hearing Giles tell everyone as they were going out the door, to work together in three and to watch each other's backs. We didn't have specific partners to work with. In retrospect, we probably should have, because we had time on the flight to make these decisions and we knew who was stronger and who was a better fighter then others, and the way it looked, girls were just going out there, into the biggest fight that we had ever sen, just picking their friends. There were nine of us left in the room as Vi, Rona and Andrea went out and I was thinking, me Willow and Kennedy were next?

We all had swords. man, Angel was an ass for strting all of this, but he did have a lot of swords. Willow was a powerful witch, but she should have been mixed in with two slayers, just like I should have. We had more experience then some of these girls and as it was just Claire, Giles and Chao Ahn left to work together and Buffy, Faith and Principal Wood to work together, it just didn't seem right.

Buffy and Faith should definitely have been slit up and as a watcher, Giles and I should have thought of all of this in advance. Principal Wood should have been like Giles, was and me and Willwo weren't working with two slayers, because he had an idea of what to do. Not that most of the slayers didn't, but we just didn't have enough time with them and now we were throwing them into the fire. Well, it was raining outside, but the heat of the demon screams made it like a blue flame out there and I was worried that we were going to lose a lot of girls.

Before going out of the door, I shared a look with Willow and Kennedy who were coming behind me and with Buffy and Giles. "Good luck. God bless."

It was all that I could say at that moment. I couldn't think of anything else. There were words that I wanted to use, because I felt like this could be it, especially for me, considering that I didn't have any powers and almost everyone else here did. It might be the final time that I would be seeing everyone, and I didn't have words to say. I was thinking that we should all have guns and should be on the building tops, firing down on all of the demons, but of course, I didn't say it.

Willow shared a look of almost sadness with me and Kennedy ended up pulling both of us out of the door. I mean, come on, Kennedy, do you have to pull us out there with all of the demons? I mean, really. Again, I didn't say anything and out in the rain, my fears took over and I knew that it was time to battle. The demons were all just waiting for us and attacking the other slayers already out there. I hated looking to my left, because I saw Andrea getting swallowed up by a demon and heard her scream. Vi tried to save her and her arm was chopped off.

And then they came at us. "Willow, you need to go dark. It's the only way. I'd rather have to deal with you then deal with all of these demons. Girls are dying all over the place. You need to go..."

I was hot before I could swing my axe. I was so stupid for not paying attention. SO TUPID! And now, I was dead, except that Willow turned a little dark and with fury, sent a pack of demons away from us, as we moved away from the hotel, me crawling, trying to get to my feet as Giles, Claire and Chao Ahn came out. Chao Ahn was killed, almost immediately and some little flying man came in, but I didn't get sidetracked again. I focused. The demons coming at us again after Willow had removed them, and I knew, I just knew that this time, I was ready. Except, after about a minute, I was exhausted and found myself in trouble again. A demon had me against the wall, and the next thing that I knew, Willow was looking at me, her hair still red but her eyes dark. The demon was burning and I was a liability out here.

I looked her in the eyes. "Willow, behind you!"

[Willow and Kennedy]

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The Massive Battle begins; Part five [16 Oct 2006|07:14pm]

[ mood | determined ]

From Mexico to Los Angeles. It's all in a days work. We received word that Los Angeles was under attack by possible demons. There was no way we were going to ignore the call. The chopper was ready and we took off as soon as possible.

There was joking and kissing in the chopper. Before we headed off to any mission, we made sure we got as much kissing and sweet talk in as possible. When we were on duty it was strictly business. No time for lovey dovey things. Now was the time to get all the lovey dovey affections out. I didn't mind. When this chopper lands, we won't have time to think. Graham was totally getting sick with us. I laughed. Me and Riley were practically having sex in the chopper. Well, not exactly, but that's what we both wanted. We had to control our urges.

I told him we couldn't do this. He understood, even though he has the tendency to be stubborn. This time who knew I meant business.

"This is unbelievable, Ri. Now wonder we got the word about this going down. There are literally thousands of demons down there, if not tens of thousands of them. I'd be stunned if we were the only group related to the military that shows up."

I looked up at Graham and took a look outside. "It's chaos." There were demons everywhere, coming from different streets. Cars were swerving. People were running for their lives. A dragon was flying in the sky. "This looks like an apocalypse." I couldn't believe my eyes. Then again, this is LA. It's not totally impossible. Riley started to gather a plan. He mentioned that Buffy would probably be here. "Cool. We haven't seen her in awhile. It would be cool to finally fight along side her." Then, he mentioned Spike who he had the cutest nickname for, and Angel. I didn't know much about Angel, but she was one of Buffy's exes.

As soon as the chopper touched on the ground, we were being ambushed.

"Double time it, gang. They are coming. Load up and show no mercy and most importantly, be smart!"

I cocked my gun and jumped out after Riley. A demon came up on me and I shot him in the head. "Christ! I don't know if we can hold them down for long." They were coming toward us left and right. I tried to stay close to Riley. I didn't want to lose him in the crowd. I was attacked from behind and fell on to the ground. I kicked my leg out and hit the demon in the face. I flipped up and back handed it in the face. My arm snapped out. My finger was on the trigger as I aimed the gun in between his eyes. I shot the gun and I got him right where I wanted. Blood splattered all over my face. Let's just say I wasn't too happy. I screamed. I looked around and couldn't see Riley.

"Riley! Riley!" I ran through the crowd of demons, shooting everything in sight.

[Riley and Graham]

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The Massive battle begins; Part four. [16 Oct 2006|03:41pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Giles had given the orders, but things had gotten jumbled as we raided this vampire Angel's weapons cache in his hotel. All of us could hear the demons outside, and all of the girls went for weapons. Some of their names, I still didn't really know, and when they had a weapon, they all started rushing out of the door.

Giles was barking orders for everyone to fight in groups of threes and to watch each other's backs at all times. Everytime the door opened, you could hear the howls of all of the demons rushing by towards something. I had been born to a slayer and had grown up with a watcher. I had been there in Sunnydale when the hellmouth exploded, but I had never seen or heard anything like this. Never. To say that I was nervous and had forgotten about the breakup with Faith and the subsequent arguments that had followed it, would be an understatement. I was downright nervous, and as the weapons started running out, another group of six girls went out, presumably in groups of four.

There were just six of us left. Faith and Buffy, who probably should have been seperated, would be fighting with me, and we grabbed the final three swords, as Giles, Claire and Chao Ahn went out to fight together ahead of us.

I looked at Faith and at Buffy. They were the two best. They should have been separated. I was more gifted at grappling and was bigger then a lot of the girls. We should have been separated better then this. "This isn't, good. How can there possibly be that many demons in one place? Is this real?"

They both looked at me, and I didn't mean to portray any fear, because I knew that if two people didn't feel a lot of fear very often, then it would have been Buffy and Faith, but I couldn't help but bring up the fact that this seemed lobsided. There was a curdling in my stomach that like my mother, a lot of slayers would die tonight.

"With the amount of demons that are out there, we are going to get scrambled up out there, in that rain, tonight, Bufy, Faith. We should have separated you two. I should have been with two other slayers. Giles is going out with a slayer that can't understand him and another that is seventeen years old. How is this going to turn out well?"

They both looked at me as we opened the door and saw the demons, still passing by, but some of them engaging the girls. It was time for us to get into the fight. My heartstrings were tugged when I saw Chao Ahn knocked down and before she could get up, a demon bit her head entirely off. It was the biggest demon that I had ever seen, and out of nowhere, from the rooftops, came a stranger jumping in. He killed the demon and backed in towards Faith, seeming to know her.

More girls were screaming down the street. "This is going to be a masacre."

Gunshots and screams and demon howls filled the night, as Buffy, Faith, myself and this strange boy went into action. I worked together with Buffy, the boy, with Faith.

[Buffy, Faith and Connor]

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The massive battle begins; Part three. [15 Oct 2006|06:54pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Justin and I weren't exactly the best of friends. I had planned on killing him earlier this evening. He had let my Brandy die on the cruiseliner coming back to England from the States, and that was unacceptable, and not only because I still harbored feelings for Adria after twenty years, but because it went against the demon code. Not lifting a finger to help your sire or sires, in his case, was grounds for a beheading, after a serious beating.

He arrived at our castle and Fangdan gathered with a couple of the guys outside of the tunnel and we fought. The problem was, that the Sofilar demons, created to kill Dracula, and exclusively killers of vampires, came to the mansion at precisely the same time that Justin had. They had come to kill Fangdan and I, where they had failed to before. They had failed to kill us, but the Sofilar's, three pink and lethal demons to the vampire, hadn't failed to kill virtually every vampire that they had come across. They were more lethal then slayers, because they didn't care about the worldly things and didn't live for anything but their kill, their bounty. They didn't need to eat. They only wanted to kill.

Well, they were killed. Justin and I fought, and try as I may to dislodge his head from his body for letting Brandy die, I wasn't able to kill him. We ripped each other apart, but eventually had to focus on the Sofilar demons, with their stake-like fingers and bites from sharp teeth that injected holy water. Justin and I ended up on the ground, immobile, burning with holy water. We killed the Sofilar demons, took their heads off of their bodies and stomped on the brain matter until they were gone, which was the only way, but then, we couldn't move. Fangdan had succeeded in killing the last of the three Sofilar demons, but I felt something guarding Justin and I as he tried to touch us. Fangdan was launched away, and Justin and I went into a strange sort of vortex, looking at each other, stunned, as everything started moving faster, faster and fastest until we landed, somewhere else, back on Earth, with the knowledge that we weren't without souls anymore.

As we spoke, we heard the demons in the distance, howling. I didn't know where we were, but Justin being an American, he told me, immediately, that we were in Los Angeles. I was born human in 1700, and had never been to Los Angeles. I no longer had the least bit of hate for Justin in my heart. He assured me that he hadn't let Brandy die, and while I still missed Brandy and wished that she were alive, I knew now, that even if she was alive, that I would have to kill her. I no longer harbored hate, or revenge, and Justin felt the same.

All that I knew, was that Justin and I were both seeing lovely brunettes in our heads and like a magnet, I was drawn to her, except that I didn't know where she was, and Justin didn't either. We discussed the femmes in our visions, and they could have bene the same, but we could tell that there were diferences. It would have been nice to get a bloody name to go along with the picture, but even as I ran towards the demon noise, Justin beside me, I could see her. Clad in leather, a tank, flowing brown hair and an ample and succulent bustline. I rushed faster, Justin keeping up. I couldn't help but feel like she was a part of this, of all of this, of what happened to us and of what was happening here in Los Angeles.

We rushed up a street and strangely, virtually no demons were lagging behind. They were rushing towards something down this road. I looked at him and we both knew. We didn't have weapons, but with our hands, we could do a lot of damage. Somebody didn't want us dead, and there were a lot of questions that needed answering. There was a lot of suffering to be had because of my new soul, and the only way to get to those issues, to those answers, was to kill every demon that touched me, and to stay alive.

"You take the bloody ten-thousand on the left, I'll take the bloody ten-thousand on the right." He smiled, I smiled and now it was fight time. I liked this part. It was better then being teased by visions of a brunette goddess and when that wasn't happening, being tortured by bad things that I had done in the past.


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The massive fight begins; Part two. [15 Oct 2006|06:12pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

"Okay, everyone, the fight is on. You three stay together and watch each other's backs and fronts. Wesley, you are injured, so cover Spike and Illyria with the bullets and keep your ammunition ready to be reloaded. Don't let any demons get in between you. Spike, Illyria, watch your perimeters, fight back to back, and Wesley, you stay at a distance and watch Spike and Illyria's backs. You and Gunn should be in hospitals, so don't be mixing it up with the fighting. There are thousands of demons here. You won't last unless you use your trigger finger. And this goes without saying, don't shoot any of us. Same goes for you, Gunn, except that you stay behind me and keep anything off of my back or sides so I can engage, and I know that your aim is good enough..."

Angel, as always, had to be the sodding leader, but couldn't argue with his plan. Keeping Wesley and Gunn away from the demons, holding the hand cannons was the way to go. two of them could barely stand, let alone swing an axe. Didn't know if it was for the best that Gunn would be alone with Angel, while I got to work with Blue, but it was how it was going to sodding turn out, as we backed away from Angel's hotel and the demons folowed, lined up for what had to be a bloody kilometer, all advancing towards us. Deja vu had set in as Illyria and I looked each other in the eyes and knew that we would watch each other's back sides, front sides and every sodding side. Deja vu was strong and not wanted, but if there was any place that I belonged, that I wanted to be, then it was right here in the middle of the fight. I had burned up destroying the hellmouth and I would do the same, or it would take a band-full more then that to take me down this time.

Nothing struck me more, as they moved intowards us, then the pronounced level of noise. Was like a concert of morbid slayer fans on crystal-meth, killing each other. The demons were roaring, some of them coming towards us, seething to rip our insides out and to wear them as trophies and then others, other noises were the unmistakable screams of people dying. Tugged at my soul, it did, and Angel could have played this differently, to where there wasn't a ring of massacre around this street and eventually, probably throughout the city, but there was no time to argue that now, not with the dragon coming in. Angel had said that he wanted to slay the dragon, but I wasn't about to let him have that honor. With room to spare, no demon noggin's quite bumping heads with us just yet, I leapt on top of the dragon and held on with one arm, as I dropped my swords and grabbed a stake from my pocket and with the other arm, started wailing it with every ounce of bleeding force that I had. Worked too, because within seconds, Angel had chopped it's head off and it was dead.

This made the demons behind it approach more boldly and faster and as Angel gave me a look about disobeying his orders, I rushed away, grabbing my swords and got back to back with Illyria as the chopping began. Wesley covered us bloody brilliantly, killing some demons and seriously hurting others. When the time was right, we would go back for the ones who weren't dead to finish them off, only now wasn't that time.

Big Blue was the perfect warrior to team up with. Her thrusts with the sword were quick, strong and permanent. Percy stopped firing for a minute, as he reloaded and then, he looked to his left to Se Angel kissing vision girl. She was awake? Good for her. Hey, this night might not be that bad after all. I was nailed as I wasn't looking, by a claw in the side of the head and instinctively feel back, as Leery cut the demons hand off and then his head, before slicing through his friend next to him. The demons, for some reason, ahead didn't seem to be all approaching in a line the way that they bloody were earlier. Gave us a minute.

"That's Angel's girlfriend, Blue. It's not the werewolf that he sent packing to Mexico to vacation and it certainly isn't the slaya, because she's mine...or at least I like to believe that she is. Trust me, vision girl out of the coma means that Angel and she will be sharing kisses and other things...if we all live throught this."

Percy was smiling from behind us and started firing again, reminding us that we still had the fight of and for our lives still ahead of us.

[Illyria and Wesley]

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The massive battle begins; Part one. [15 Oct 2006|05:22pm]

[ mood | Confident and Surprised ]

I didn't know how we would survive this, but we had survived it so far, everyione intact. Gunn was a little bloody, but had a broad sword and a gun, so I took him with me. Wesley was banged up too. So he had the same weapons, and I wanted he, Illyira and Spike to stay together.

"Okay, everyone, the fight is on. You three stay together and watch each other's backs and fronts. Wesley, you are injured, so cover Spike and Illyria with the bullets and keep your ammunition ready to be reloaded. Don't let any demons get in between you. Spike, Illyria, watch your perimeters, fight back to back, and Wesley, you stay at a distance and watch Spike and Illyria's backs. You and Gunn should be in hospitals, so don't be mixing it up with the fighting. There are thousands of demons here. You won't last unless you use your trigger finger. And this goes without saying, don't shoot any of us. Same goes for you, Gunn, except that you stay behind me and keep anything off of my back or sides so I can engage, and I know that your aim is good enough..."

We backed away from the Hyperion entrance, moving up the street. It was the best way to protect ourselves. There were too many opening near the Hyperion for demons to blindside us and I couldn't have any demons catching Wesley and Gunn, in particular, by surprise, because they would die without medical attention later, if not touched, let alone if they engaged in combat now. I knew that and moved towards the warehouse building a block down, the dragon seeming to focus on me. Here, we couldn't be blindsided. And I could see from beyond the Hyperion, that the demons seemed to be filling the streets. But only this street and the adjoining alleys and buildings. It seemed like predominantly, that they just wanted us, which made sense, since we had destroyed the Circle of The Black Thorn. I saw that Wesley, to my right, had backed up against the warehouse and that there was no alley adjoining the building. It would all go down here. Spike and Illyria stayed in front of Wesley and behind me, Gunn was ready and started firing past me, as a demon or two fell and as the dragon swooped. I had swords and stakes, but wished that I had a nice flamethrower about now. It batted me with it's wings, as the demons that Gunn and Wesley weren't shooting, approached behind it.

Ignoring my instructions, Spike left Illyria's side and leapt onto the dragon, as it howled. I looked over to see Illyria was doing fine and Wesley was firing, covering her back. The dragon snapped and flailed and howled, trying to throw Spike off of it and into the crowd of angry demons behind it. But, Spike didn't let go and stabbed it with what was probably a stake. As the dragon howled and fought to rid Spike and it's pain from Spike's blows, it got careless and came just close enough to me where I could swing one of my broad swords upwards and as I did, it's head fell of and it came tumbling to the ground. Spike fell on it and looked up at me and with an angry scowl, I looked at him and he knew that I wanted him to go help Illyria.

Now, the demons came more valiant and started coming at us. The rounds from Gunn's machine gun were going wild now, and demons were being either badly hurt, or killed. I had the feeling that this was going to work. Teamwork was always the best, especially with champions like all of us were. With Cordy and Fred on my mind, I just knew that we would win. The odds were against us, but hadn't they been all along, and had it killed all of us, yet? NO. It hadn't.

I violently sliced through some strange demons and caught one vampire with the swing, as dust filled the air. I backed up to see that a lot of them had weapons, and that they were literally probably a half a mile down the street, lined up to kill us, but somehow, I knew that we weren't going to lose. I just knew it. Gunn's bullets were scaring the demons and they weren't advancing while he was filling them full of lead.

I sensed something in the distance and was shocked as I looked to my left, to the only opening, the only street to our current position, so close to the Hyperion, to see, Cordy? To see Cordy coming towards me. I hurried back to Gunn, who momentarily stopped firing, so that I could grab a sword for her. She was out of the coma! She was out of the coma! I was pissed off as hell at her for coming to this fight, but she was alive! Now more then ever, I knew that we were going to win. I just had to keep Cordy safe.

"Cordy, I don't know how strong you are and more then anything, I want to hug you right now, but as you can see, we are a little busy right now. There's no time for convincing you to leave, because I know that you won't and I don't know how strong that you are, but just do this for me. Stay back to back with me and slice through anything that comes near you and cover my back. I'll watch your's and Gunn with the machine gun and the serious wounds from his mission earlier, will cover both of ours. Okay?"

I couldn't help it. I kissed her fully on the lips as Gunn ran out of bullets and started to reload his ammunition. Now, it was time to kill demons and to protect her.

[Cordy and Gunn]

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Fangdan's Lair [15 Oct 2006|02:56pm]

[ mood | scared ]

When I look at my surroundings now, I wish I would have stayed locked in my room. If it wasn't for Bethany leaving like a mad woman, we wouldn't have to go out and track her butt down.

A couple of days ago Andrew and Bethany were doing some research on a vamp who calls himself Fangdan. Not a big fan of the name, but whatever. I didn't pay attention long enough to get the scoop. I was too busy arguing with Buffy about leaving me here, while she goes to Los Angeles to save the world. I wanted to be apart of the action. I've been training more, and I felt like I was up to it. Buffy didn't agree, so she left me here with Andrew, Bethany and Amanda. Andrew was ok. We had our little fun moments. He just gets a little overprotective and thinks he can tell me what to do. Then, when I yell at him, he apologizes. He's weird like that.

We both left the house in a hurry. Andrew tried to get a hold of Amanda, but we realized she left her cell phone here. She went out to party. I guess she didn't want to be bothered. As a slayer, that was irresponsible on her part. Boy, will she feel bad if something bad happens to Bethany. They are supposed to go out in teams when going after a big bad. Bethany figured she could handle it herself. Which brings me to the present. Me and Andrew, in a car, trying to find Fangdan's place.

I argued with Andrew most of the time in the car. He was talking to me like a child and I hate when people do that! After I let him have it, he pulled back. If I would have known better I think he was flirting with me, too. Yikes.

"No, you are certainly not in fourth grade anymore, and don't look like you are."

If that didn't tell me he was flirting, I don't know what to think. I looked over at him with a little smirk on my face. It was a nice compliment, I guess. Why not enjoy it. Besides, it was easier to get what I want. He even told me I could drive back to the house when we found Bethany. My job is done.

Andrew pulled over five minutes later. We were at Thames. "Let me guess...we have to look for the tunnel?" He nodded. "Great. I don't think we have any flashlights." Andrew pulled two out of his man bag. I rolled my eyes. "Aren't you so prepared?" He smiled and got of the car. I followed behind him. We eventually came to the tunnel entrance. I gulped hard. I grabbed the flashlight out of Andrew's hand. "Let's just get this over with."

The tunnel was wet and disgusting. I tried not to flash the light on the walls. There was no way I wanted to see what else was in here with us. You know like roaches, rats, those sort of disgusting things. I kept my eyes forward, along with my light. There was a light up ahead. "That must be where this tunnel ends." I started to run. Big mistake, since I managed to trip over a rock and got myself all wet and dirty. I slammed my hand on the ground, making a bigger splash. "Dammit!" I screamed. Andrew held his hand out. "I'm fine." I stood up and tried to wipe myself off. There was no use. These clothes would be coming off as soon as we get home.

We climbed up the exit and on to the grand field. "Oh my god." I looked up at the house, then I turned and saw the view. I must admit, the view of London was beautiful. Why couldn't we find a place with a view like this? Damn vampires and their spectacular views. It's not like they can enjoy it during the day. What a waste. "This place is beautiful and huge. Bethany can't be in there. Can she?" I looked at Andrew. "She knew exactly where to go. This is not good." I looked back toward Fangdan's lair. My heart began to beat faster and faster.

"How are we supposed to get in there undetected, genius? If he detected Bethany, she's probably being held captive by him. Then he'll capture us and no one will save us." I stopped and slumped over a bit. I had to get a grip on myself. Fangdan was just another vampire. I can handle this. "Let's go."


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Focus [08 Oct 2006|12:54am]

[ mood | anxious ]

So, here I am in a place, headed for Los Angeles. I started a new life in Europe after Sunnydale sank into the ground. I wanted to start fresh. The only possible way I could have done that was to leave the U.S. Giles wanted me to settle in Cleveland, where the other Hellmouth lived, but I said no. All potentials are slayers now. They didn't need me. I decided that me and Dawn would settle in London. It was perfect. The rest of the gang decided to come with me. We're helping slayers overseas. We've started a new Watcher's Council. Through it all, I missed Spike. He saved the world for all of us. I would think about him everyday. At first, it was hard on me, but I came to realize that he died doing what he wanted to do. After that, I left him in peace.

My life couldn't be completely normal, but it was good to have most of the burden off of my shoulders. Like, I could go out and enjoy the European nightlife and not worry about protecting everyone. There were millions of active slayers here, and for once, it wasn't all on me. Although, I did jump in on the action when I wanted. It's a habit. I still think I am the slayer. I survived longer than any slayer before me. I should say, me and Faith did. I can't leave her out. She's been making a huge change. Sure, she still has her 'I don't care' attitude, but she's been doing good with the girls. Occasionally, getting into trouble. Faith could never change completely. I smiled as I looked over at Faith. She looked at me like I was crazy. Me, Faith, Giles and Wood were sitting in front of Xander and the girls. The pilot just announced we will be landing in Los Angeles in fifteen minutes.

I never thought I'd be back here. But, Angel got into a huge mess. That's what he gets for being CEO of Wolfram and Hart. I must say, I would never think Angel would go so low. I wondered what happened to him. It was frustrating. Yes, I still loved him. Maybe, not in the way I once did, but I really felt betrayed that he joined forces with Wolfram and Hart. He wasn't playing for the good guys, anymore. Angel thought he could work good and use the resources, but it looks like it didn't work out that way.

We were on this plane to save the world, and that was it. Save the world, and then we're on the next plane back home. It's bad enough I feel horrible for leaving Dawn back in London, but I needed her safe. I didn't want her anywhere near this fight. There was too much to lose, and I wasn't about to lose her. She stayed back with Andrew, Bethany and Amanda. I knew she would be safe. Still, I knew she would be mad at me for a few days. The sacrifices we make to keep loved ones' safe. Right now, it was time to come up with a place. I had less than ten minutes.

"Alright, so we'll head to the Hyperion. I'm sure Angel kept some weapons there when he left. It's the only place I know that has the weapons we need." Faith's been in Angel's hotel, so I'm pretty sure she knew where everything would be. "Then, we'll go to the alleyway and meet up with Angel. Hopefully, they'll still be there."

I looked around. These poor people didn't know what they were flying into. We had to stop this, before Los Angeles turned into another Sunnydale.

[Giles, Faith, and Wood]

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Awaken [07 Oct 2006|02:10pm]

[ mood | worried ]

My eyes opened. I looked around. It didn't take me long to realize that I was in a hospital. I swung my legs over to the side of the bed. Once I stood, and I fell back on the bed. "Dammit! Talk about losing control of my whole body. Come on, legs. Get a move on!" To my relief, I was the only one in the room. At least I didn't have to share with anyone. Especially, an old smelly person. Angel probably made sure to give me the best.

Angel. I remember everything. When I mean everything, I mean everything. Jasmine, Connor. Skip. I better not see him, again. I'll kill him. My chance with Angel was ruined, thanks to him. To actually believe I was doing the right thing. All along, Skip used my body to create a demon spawn. Unbelievable. No one does that to Cordelia and gets away with it. He took me away from everyone I loved. Manipulated my body and everyone around me. That thing that came back, wasn't me. I tried so many times to call out, but nothing came through. I knew it wasn't the work of the PTB's. Unfortunately, I had to sit back and watch everything play out. I mean, I was stuck for a year! I've been through enough torture for one lifetime. Thank God, it's over. Well, at least that end of the chapter is over.

Now, I believe the real PTB's are talking to me. I was awakened, tonight, for a purpose. "Let's try this, again." I stood up, again, and this time, I walked. It took all my strength, but it worked. Angel was in danger. Wolfram and Hart. Eve. Nina. You probably didn't think I knew about them, huh? Angel, you are so going to pay for that. Fred. Poor, Fred. She's not even...herself, anymore. I saw everything. I'm seeing everything at this very moment.

I saw Wesley and Illyria. "It's not fatal. It hurts like a bitch, Illyria, and thank God for your timing, but we need to get to that alley near the Hyperion, now." I saw Gunn killing the Senator. So many visions were going in my head, when I was asleep. Everything is coming back to me. Spike is saving the baby from those fugly demons. Or, he did. It was a little blurry. It was weird that Spike was around. Considering, the last time we saw him, he was trying to kill Angel.

I'm sure Lorne was dead, right now. Lindsey's responsible for it. "This isn't fair. Why are you showing me things that already happened? It's too late to put Angel back on his path. Maybe, you should have woke me up a few months ago. Hello? What am I supposed to do with the vision, now?" I rolled my eyes. Then it hit me. The troops are gathering. Buffy, Xander, Giles, Faith, a bunch of slayers. Some military guys. They're all coming here. I have to help. This is the ending battle.

"I don't know about you two, but I want to slay the dragon..."

Angel. I have to get to him. The hotel. That's where he's at. "I so need to get out of here." I walked by a mirror and I stopped. "Oh god. Just as soon as I shampoo my hair, take a three hour shower and get this pathetic looking moo moo of a nightgown off of me." My hand went into my hair. "My hair. This is not fair on so many levels." I looked up at the ceiling. "Hang in there, Angel. I'll be there as soon as I can."

I ran into the bathroom to get ready. Crap. Did I have any clothes?

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