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Genesis LA

Heroes Reunited in Los Angeles

Heroes Reunited in Los Angeles.
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Disclaimer: These characters are the property of Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt, the WB, UPN and Fox and NBC’s heroes. These are our views on how the show could have gone after not_fade_away and nothing more then that. They are for our and our readers’ enjoyment.

genesis_la is a new beginning for both Team Angel and Team Scoobies/slayers/watchers council. Instead of shunning Wolfram and Hart and Angel, Giles finds out what’s going on and sends the full team into action. He sends Buffy and Faith and all of the slayers, except for Amanda Beckham and Bethanie Dunn, who he leaves behind in case of a cataclysm in Los Angeles. Dawn stays behind, with Andrew, in London, for Dawn goes to school there, and Andrew would still be alive to lead Amanda and Bethany, as watcher, should everyone die in Los Angeles.

As from Angel…Gunn, Spike and Angel show up in that alley to fight the demons, except that a couple of things change in Genesis_LA. In this community, Illyria saves Wesley before that mortal stab wound, and he is only minorly injured, before she kills Vail and the two of them head to the alley. Lindsey keeps the sword in his hand, and kills Lorne, before Lorne can shoot him. Eve dies as the building collapses, but before that, Angel and Connor do not kill Hamilton. After Angel drinks Hamilton’s blood, and right before he’s about to kill him, the Senior Partners pull Hamilton away and give him a directive: He’s to run the new Wolfram and Hart, and Lindsey and Harmony are going to be there with him from the start. Additionally, they tell him of a new war starting in Europe, in England, to be exact, involving the vampires Justin Jensen, Rory Bronson, Fangdan Wood and Katrina Vidal. Justin went to London because his sires, former paramours of both Rory and Fangdan, have been killed. A fight is unleashed, but as Rory and Justin fight, they are attacked by demons who kill vampires with a holy water bite. Justin and Rory are ensouled from their bites, and just know about the fight coming in Los Angeles. They turn to killing Fangdan and Katrina and any other members of Fangdan and Rory’s powerful legion of vampires, in England, but Hamilton contacts Fangdan with a proposition and a position of power.

Cordelia doesn’t die in the You’re welcome episode. She is re-comatosed, but doesn’t die. She awakens again. For real this time, with another message from the powers that be: The big fight, and she sees it all. She sees Angel in trouble. She sees slayers being killed like Vi, and Rona and Chao Ahn. She sees Lindsey and a slayer chasing him, because after Lindsey kills Lorne, he goes after Angel for the double cross, and instead, meets up with a slayer, Claire Bennet, who throttles him, beats him up and takes his gun away. Cordelia sees all of this. She sees Lorne die and feels all of the agony of Gunn’s injuries and Claire chasing Lindsey. She bolts up, and knows that she has to get involved, still half-demon and with the ability to glow, as well as have the visions, without Jasmine hi-jacking her body. But, first, she needs to change…

Some of the listed above, will occur as the community begins, some of it will not. Virtually all living members of jossverse will be in the community. Robin Wood is part of the Council and will be involved, along with Giles, Xander, and Kennedy(who has broken up with Willow), and the slayers. Riley, Sam and Graham will hear about the war and will bring their unit to LOS Angeles to help battle the demons. Only Riley and Sam, will survive the battle and with the others who survive, will live on to face what Wolfram and Hart, as well as the other evil in the world, concocts next. The likely ships at the beginning will be, Riley/Sam, Wesley/Illyria. Future ships likely to develop will be, Angel/Cordelia, Spike/Buffy, Connor/Kennedy, Justin/Amanda, Rory/Faith, Andrew/Dawn and adding to the evil, Lindsey/Claire will ship.

Much much more to follow! We have all of the characters that we need, but please, please read along with us!

The Heroes:
Buffy Summers: buffyxsummersx
Angel: shanshu_angel
Spike: railroad_spike
Faith Lehane: badass_faith
Cordelia Chase: cordeliaxxchase
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: pryce_less
Illyria: former_god_king
Charles Gunn: loaded_gunn
Connor Reilly: superhero_son
Rupert Giles: backintweed
Xander Harris: powerless_scoob
Andrew Wells: storyteller_one
Dawn Summers: dawnxsummersx
Riley Finn: finn_rileyfinn
Samantha Finn: mrs_agent_finn
Robin Wood: born_to_battle
Kennedy: rebel_slayer
Amanda Beckham: amanda_beckham [Slayer]
Justin Jensen: no_fear_justin [Souled Vampire]
Rory Bronson: rory_the_rage [Souled Vampire]

Wolfram and Hart or otherwise Evil
Marcus Hamilton: hamilton_marcus
Lindsey McDonald: ethicallydevoid
Claire Bennet: clairexbennet [Slayer made evil mystically]
Fangdan Wood: _fangdan_ [Evil vampire and leader of English vampires]