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Do this, Doc, or die.

I had managd to escape the fight zone through the alley, Claire over my left shoulder, the sword in my right hand.

It was significant that I keep running towards Doctor Chievgen's home, where he had a lab similar to the one that he had at Wolfram and Hart, because Angel could have seen me, the demon crowd thinning, and if he did, he would know that I had killed Lorne, but more importnatly now, because I had a vampire slayer draped over my shoulder and if she were to wake, the only defense that I would have against her, would be the sword.

I didn't want it to come to that, because I wanted her in tact. Claire, a young and impressionable vampire slayer, would be perfect for exacting revenge on Angel for trying to double-cross me by having Lorne kill me and I knew that Chievgen could perform some magic, probably even at his home, and make Claire see me as a God...a subject for me, maybe in many ways with my Eve dead, but certainly, sex aside, a powerful ally who could kill Angel with her bare hands...

As I ran, I felt her grab a hold of my head with her left arm and as she pulled herself towards the ground, sliding down my chest, she kneed me where it hurt a little too much at the moment and then picked me up from the headlock that she had me in and slammed me on to the ground.

She balled her fist up and before I could cover up with my left hand, my right hand still on the sword, she hit me with a right hand that felt like it had destroyed my facial bones entirely.

Before she could hit me again, I brought the butt of the swrod up and with less power then the last time, I hit her in the temple, as I had hit the old man, Giles. She fell back and I rolled, my nose bloodied, my balls screaming. Reflexively, I swung the sword at her, though when swinging it, I realized that I didn't want to hurt she charged me. She put her arm up to defend it and like Angel had done to me so long ago, I sliced through her forearm, inches from the elbow and her arm fell off, to the ground.

She screamed, feel back and I quickly smashed her on the forehead, just at the hairline, with the butt of the sword.

I had probably just killed her, and as she once again fell unconscious, her arm started almost immediately regenrating. Stunned, I watched her arm grow back entirely.

Now, I really had a weapon. The girl seemed impervious to defeat. Sore, my testes screaming, my face swelling, I put her back on my shoulder and quickly reached Chievgen's morbid looking house just north of Sunset boulevard.

I kicked the door in and watched him jump from his chair. "Chievgen, you're going to do me a little favor and I know you have the implements here at home. You're going to give her a control chip, similar to the lawyer upgrade chip that you gave me and Gunn in the past. I want to be able to control her with one key phrase..."

He seemed hesitant, and I set Claire down and put the sword at his neck. "You'll do this Doc, or you'll die. You'll do this and stay in favor with the Senior Partners."

Holding the sword against his throat, he nodded like he would do it and ten minutes later, He was injecting a chip into her neck after he had programmed the key word 'impervious' into the chip.

Claire awoke during the procedure and started screaming. Tyhe procedure wasn't done and yet, she was awake again and looking at me with hatred, while strapped down to the chair.

"I'm really truly sorry that it has to be this way, Claire, but there is no other way...then again, it doesn't matter what I do to you, does it? Not only do you have vampire slayer strength, but it seems that you can regrow limbs. I'm also sorry about cutting your arm off, but you left me no choice. You would have killed me or beaten me within an inch of my life if I didn't defend myself..."

Chievgen started drilling again and the noise filled the room once more and ashe she looked at me, she screamed.

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