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Running over the demons.

Justin and I were prepared to fight hundres, thousands of demons, even. We had been ensouled and for better or worse, we both knew that this was where we were supposed to be, whether we were accepted by those that we were helping, or if we bloody weren't.

In the process of killing probably about twenty demons, and garnering swords, we both realized after pausing, briefly, that the demons weren't attacking us. That was odd. We backed away a little bit and as we did, the demons who were facing us, and we had swords in our hands, turned around, like we didn't exist.

I couldn't fathom evil Frolex demons, and Uaeb's and Slime demons and vampires not wanting to battle us. For some reason, they were only interested in advancing towards the north, towards the direction that they were heading. Something there, and I would have given anything to know what it was, had their attentions focused completely, that they would let powerhouses like myself and Justin just walk away.

Justin decided for both of us, that we should forget chopping up a thousand plus demons with swords in favor of going to get a vehicle called a Hummer to run them over. I had never actually seen a Hummer. Being British, we preferred Land Rovers and being a creature of the night, not prone to running over things or climbing mountains with my vehicle, I preferred sports cars.

We found the Hummer dealership, though and shared a couple of brief jabs before stealing the floor models. Justin was right. These cars would run over even large demons with great ease. They had monstrous tires and axles and chassis that would allow this to be an easy job, and far simpler for us and eventually safer for those with whom we were fighting.

We sped away and ended up side by side on Wilshire boulevard, the mass of demons still ahead of us. I opened the window before we sped towards the barreling over demon zone and told Justin to be careful for civilians and people on our side.

He nodded and we sped away and when we first made contact, at least on my end, there was a violent thud, but I pressed it into four by four mode and slowly trampled demons, who were now fleeing. They stared running away and towards alleys.

Justin stayed in the crowd, as for me, I chased the demons, plowing them down as they tried to flee. I managed to turn around in the alley and ran back over the demons that had just fled, heading back towards the mass of demons.

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