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Looking past Willow's death to fight.

"Look, I'm not saying he's in the right. But, Willow dying wasn't anyone's fault. She chose to use magic. She knew the consequences. We should have been watching her back. Instead, we were fighting."

She had just said that Angel wasn't in the wrong, but he wasn't in the right, either. It was a strange way to look at things, especially considering that Angel was the one that started this war and if he hadn't, then we wouldn't have ben here fighting, where Willow got killed.

Still, I wasn't going to give her any grief about it. She was in shock, just as I was. She was in love with Willow, just I had been before in my life, and in a different I would always love her as a friend. I took one final look at her body before Kennedy and I had developed a new plan. Waiting around out there, fighting, waiting to get picked off by some demon who we couldn't see because we were fighting another demon, was a crazy way to do this.

Kennedy and I decided that the best thing that we could do would be to go around, and circle around the demons at the back of the pack, where nothing would be behind us. I didn't know if the plan would work, but it was the best thing that I had so far. Kennedy seemed to go along with it, being that it was my plan. She was a slayer, and tactically a better fighter then me, but being that she was in a greater state of shock then me, she went along with it.

And well she should. It was the best plan that I had heard from any of the other slayers, a lot of them who were now dying. It was a better plan then any that Buffy or Faith had come up with, and it was a better plan then even Giles himself had come up with. I just wished that I had thought of it before my best friend was killed.

We went out of the back of the hotel and found ourselves in an alley. The demons could be heard, as could the gunfire from the other side of the building. We rushed past one street and then another, in the alley, until we saw that there were no more demons. As we came around, ready to fight, I realized that these might be the last few moments of my life. I had a glass eye and didn't have slayer strength, but at the same time, I didn't care.

Two vampires, fangs donned were fighting the demons and instead of staking them, because they were vampires, I decided, hey, if they were helping, then we could kill them later if they needed it.

"This is it, Kennedy. So, we have the two fanged boys helping here. Do we let them live, and help, and kill them later, or should we take them down now?"

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