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Firing from an elevated position.

This was the only way. It had to be done. It was the only way that we could survive. It was the only way that I could protect Sam, and keep her and myself alive. We had entered the fight, all ten of us, the entire unit, from virtually the middle and even though we had weapons and even though we were able to take out most of the demons, all but Sam and I were eventually swallowed and killed by the surge of demons.

Sam and I had managed to keep ourselves alive, but just barely. In war, casualties and fatalities were the norm, but I hadn't been in an actual conflict against other me, and this was no different. In that kind of conflict, a soldier was trained to focus on the enemy before focusing on the task at hand of helping your friends, your allies. Except that in Samantha and my own case, we had never incurred a fatality in battle against the demons in those jungles.

The same thing couldn't be said anymore. All of them were gone. All of them. Graham had gone down like the warrior that he was, but he was gone, and my heart skipped a beat, my body went cold and I would have surrendered to all out kamikaze at this point if it weren't for my love, my wife, my Samantha still being alive and at my side.

We decided to go to an elevated position, where we weren't in the firing line, but where we would not have to deal with vicious, super-powerful threats coming from all sides and where we could inflict damage amongst the demons. We had machine guns and we had back up rounds, and could make this fight a lot easier for whoever else was fighting. We rushed upstairs, three ata time, and reached the outside of the warehouse that we chose.

We checked the sides of the street. All of the demons were on one side. That made this easier.

"I'm sorry we lost Graham. If there was anything to bring him back..."

I let it slide off of me. Right now, we couldn't grieve. We could do that later.

"This will be over soon. I don't know what else to tell you, honey. I love you."

I wanted to kiss her, but I was so focused on killing the demons below, and there were so many of them, that I focused on the street.

"I love you too, Sam, but we have work to do now."

I studied the streets. There was a glow from a girl that I didn't know and fighting near her were two people that weren't people that I easily recognized. Angel and Spike.

I then saw Buffy fighting alongside someone and could see Xander and a girl moving towards the back of the fight where two other guys were fighting demons from the back.

"Honey, we need to concentrate on the back of the pack. The demons seem stronger and more packed in there. And don't hit civilians. There are a lot of them down there."

That was redundant. As was my want to put a bullet or two into both Spike and Angel, but I knew that they were fighting the demons too. I focused on the back of the pack, readied my sights and started shooting demons, one by one.

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