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Moving backwards in the battle.

I had met some new friends. Faith, I knew, but the blonde, who was awfully strong, just like Faith, I didn't know and I didn't know the black guy either. They were warriors, just like I was. I figured that the blonde was a slayer just like Faith was, and the black guy reminded me of Gunn, only shorter and maybe a little thicker.

The blonde gave the order. Cordy had glowed and the demons up ahead were easier to kill, because Cordelia, amazingly back from the coma, apparently, when hitting somebody angry with that glow, just turned them into a peaceful, pensive lump of jelly. All of these memories came back, and the blonde wanted to work towards the front, to join up with my dad, who was probably with Cordelia, Gunn, Wesley, Spike and that cool chick with the blue hair.

The Black guy, though suggested that we needed, or at least two of us needed to work the other way in this demon crowd, to help against the demons not affected by Cordelia's glow. It was a good suggestion and going in twosomes to watch each other's backs, the blonde and the black guy moved forward, fighting, and swinging, While I went airborne to kick a crowd of demons back and to give us some room.

As I did so, I saw the bodies of some military-like guys in black, all dead, but I also gave Faith and myself some room to breathe. A gun, like other's had, as I still heard firing, would have been nice right now, but as I gripped the axe in my hand, I realizd that it would do just fine too.

"A couple of things, Faith. Who were those two that just left? I'm guessing that the blonde was Buffy, the one who my father loved so much, but the black guy's name would be nice to know. Also, what do you think is going on with all of the military type guys lying on the ground?"

Demons came at us and were either killed instantly by axes, or were cut down to the ground and then were killed. Faith and I seemed to be favoring holding our ground, and letting the demons come to us. It was easy, and comfortable, even though I knew Faith's determination, and she probably wanted to work towards the back of the crowd.

More demons came our way, only this time, instead of two, there were four of them. Faith was brilliant, slicing with her axe, our bodies moving south a little bit, and with a deft swing and an upward thrust, I finished off the last of those four demons.

It was then that Faith saw the redhead and it looked like she was really pissed off now. I recognized her too. Her name was Willow, I think and she had put my father's soul back in one time. Faith attacked again, vicious, not answering me, but I understood. This was a friend of hers. Lots of friends were dying out here tonight.

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