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Making progress against seemingly insurmountable odds.

We were making progress in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. There were literally tens of thousands of demons on the streets of Wilshire boulevard, all with one focus, and one focus only and that was to go after Angel, as they had most assuredly been sent by their dead demon masters of the Circle of the Black Thorn, if not by the Senior Partners directly.

It was an odd occurrence when demons came to a place and in tandem, rushed towards their intended targets. That was the truly scary part of all of this. They were after basically only us, and yet, the way that they were going about it was so foolish. They couldn't reasonably expect to kill us, and not themselves be easy targets while approaching all of us in this manner, could they?

It was not a matter of consequence, anyway. We had to consider ourselves lucky. Their formations when approaching us allowed Gunn and I to hammer them with repeated and lethal machine gun fire, which was most fortunate, for I knew that Gunn was injured and I was having a hard time firing the machine gun, the wound in my stomach taking it's toll on me.

We were also undeniably in a position of fortune, considering that Cordelia was our single greatest weapon in all of this. Sure, Gunn and I had killed the most demons with bullets to their skulls, and Angel, Spike and Illyria were having an easy time decaptitating demons, but all of our efforts were made easy by Cordelia's omnipresent glow. It was radiant, maginificent and even eased my tension over the obviously unwanted situation, but without her, we would not be so full of good fortune.

I moved forward, seeing that Gunn was as well, to my left and reloaded the machine guns, taking a quick look behind me to make sure that no demons were coming from that direction. There were none, and thankfully, there were no civilians behind, either, looking down on the melee. While the demons were after us, I was certain that they would kill if necessary, or if anything got in their way, they would most assuredly assail them with brutal force.

Spike and Illyria continued to fight, moving to the right of Angel and forward, and I made sure that my line of fire was clear, as slowly, but surely, we were making progress. If Cordelia could continue to glow, then we could very well win this war. My own body was fading, but until all of the demons were gone, or I was, I wouldn't stop firing, unless of course, another problem that was about to be an issue, occurred.

I was nearly out of bullets.

[Illyria and Spike]
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