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We're tearin their snarlin' asses up!

Cordy's glow was better then any machine gun. Sure, her glow made the demons kinda weak and almost penetant or somethin' which made my machine gun and Wes', twenty feet to my right, all the more effective. But, come on, now, it was so much easier to kill these demons with our guns and for Illyria, Spike and Angel with their swords, because of Cordy's goddess-like power, which she still had.

She was weakened by the effort, though and fell afta her second glow, driftin' away from Angel, who had temporarily moved towards the middle near Spike and Illyria, where they could cova each other's asses while Wesley and I splattered demon blood with bullets on the outsides, on the flanks.

I was weak from being stabbed a couple of times by the vamps at Senator Bitch's office, and from pullin' off round afta round from the machine gun, but afta reloadin', I still had the presence of mind to help Cordy up me and to keep her near me until she gathered her strength again. If she could keep glowin' then we were actually goin' to do it. We were actually goin' to kill like thousands of demons.

There was still a long way to go, but we were doin' it. We were winnin'. These demons had a mission and a purpose, but like every otha demon that I could remmeber facin' in the past, they had a disadvantage. Well, a couple of them. First of all, they always underestimated us, which was their first really giant mistake, and secondly, they were all about snarlin' and growlin' and tearin' us up, that they weren't usin' their brains.

As Angel drifted away and Cordy moved towards him a little bit again, myself also movin' forward in this wet seige on Wilshire boulevard, it became obvious that these demons weren't such a cohesive unit. They were mad that the glow had affected them, probably and so, they started attackin' each otha. Angel, Spike and Illyria separated, and I felt the desire to let them fight themselves and focused on the other ones near Angel and near Cordy, again, as she brought her sword up and killed a demon. I covered both of them which was my job, and right now, we weren't even absorbin' blows. We were just killin' them with our guns and with our swords.

I focused on a group gettin' near Angel from the middle, not far from where a demon mosh-pit brawl amongst themselves had broken out, where a couple seemed to be closin' in on Angel, as he battled with a foe. I put bullets into the heads of two of them, then a third and then a fourth.

We had to have killed like five-hundred demons and one dragon by now, but there was still more work to do. We had to kill them all. I was runnin' out of rounds of ammo. I only had a few left ova my shoulders, but now wasn't the time to think about that. I reloaded.

[Cordy and Angel]
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