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The obligation to tell real tales amidst tragedy.

Amanda had skipped out on us. Giles, Xander, Willow and all of the slayers of the vamPIRES had gone to Los Angeles to help fight Angel's monstrous, battlestar gallactica battle, leaving me behind in case everyone was to die there, which I couldn't bare to think about, but behind I was left with Dawn and two slayers, to let the Council live on incase the worst happened.

Then Amanda flakes on us, the wild kid, having to go out to Piccadilly Circus, probably, and Bethany, well she doesn't flake. She like completely goes the other way, hears about some big fight at Fangdan's vampiric legion estate and goes there to slay him only days after we had spoke of him in training.

Dawn and I had no choice but to follow, and after getting lost, we found our way to the legion of doom, so to speak. I trembled as we went in and would have been history at the hands of one of Fangdan's flunky's, except that Dawn was so cool and colledted and sliced the vamps head off from behind. Then, only then, did we find Behtany and my heart leapt out of my chest, and I nearly wetted the floor as we saw her hanging on the wall, a trophy of Fangdan's, dead and hanging on display for all of the legion of the most evil Fangdan to laugh at as they walked by, just because she had been precocious and had tried to do the right thing. I had warned her about waiting for Amanda, but she went and now she was gone. One less slayer in the world.

We bailed. We had to. We had nothing for vampires if Bethany didn't, except that we couldn't just leave her in there. We rushed out of the vampire estate, and under the Thames through their specially dug tunnel. So much fear and agitation and tension rushed through me. I had failed and we weren't even in a big war over here like they were in Los Angeles, probably now. I was strickened, didn't know what to say or do, and I somehow managed to utter that we needed to find Amanda, come back, which made me tremble, and get Bethany down from there. She agreed, but agitated, unsure of myself and full of fear, I told her what only I knew so far, that Spike was alive. I didn't know why I had told her now. It was good news and we needed good news, I guess, but vamPIRES doing evil made me think of Spike, who was so cool and such a hero, except now, Dawn was crazy and was driving crazy back to the Council Estate. I buckled up as she demanded to know how I knew, and how Spike was alive and was also asking questions about Fangdan and Rory and Katrina.

"Dawn, Spike vowed me to secrecy, and said that he would show up when he was ready. The law firm and that amulet had something to do with him being brought back. As for Fangdan and his legion. Rory is his oldest friend, and may be stronger then Fangdan himself. He could have been the one to kill Bethany, or maybe they all did it together? Katrina is his lover. Fangdan's lover. She's like Selene from 'Underworld' hot and all, by all accounts, but that doesn't matter. They killed a slayer, they killed a friend and we need to get Amanda and some holy water and automatic weapons right now, and worry about talking about them or Spike until after we get her out of that building and off of that wall, and maybe kill some of these old and evil ones responsible."

She ripped around a corner and pulled up in front of our estate at the end of the long drive. I got out, praying that Amanda was here, my stomach acidic, my legs wobbly, my head light.

[Dawn and Amanda]
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