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The massive battle begins; Part six.

It was all so surreal. Hearing Giles tell everyone as they were going out the door, to work together in three and to watch each other's backs. We didn't have specific partners to work with. In retrospect, we probably should have, because we had time on the flight to make these decisions and we knew who was stronger and who was a better fighter then others, and the way it looked, girls were just going out there, into the biggest fight that we had ever sen, just picking their friends. There were nine of us left in the room as Vi, Rona and Andrea went out and I was thinking, me Willow and Kennedy were next?

We all had swords. man, Angel was an ass for strting all of this, but he did have a lot of swords. Willow was a powerful witch, but she should have been mixed in with two slayers, just like I should have. We had more experience then some of these girls and as it was just Claire, Giles and Chao Ahn left to work together and Buffy, Faith and Principal Wood to work together, it just didn't seem right.

Buffy and Faith should definitely have been slit up and as a watcher, Giles and I should have thought of all of this in advance. Principal Wood should have been like Giles, was and me and Willwo weren't working with two slayers, because he had an idea of what to do. Not that most of the slayers didn't, but we just didn't have enough time with them and now we were throwing them into the fire. Well, it was raining outside, but the heat of the demon screams made it like a blue flame out there and I was worried that we were going to lose a lot of girls.

Before going out of the door, I shared a look with Willow and Kennedy who were coming behind me and with Buffy and Giles. "Good luck. God bless."

It was all that I could say at that moment. I couldn't think of anything else. There were words that I wanted to use, because I felt like this could be it, especially for me, considering that I didn't have any powers and almost everyone else here did. It might be the final time that I would be seeing everyone, and I didn't have words to say. I was thinking that we should all have guns and should be on the building tops, firing down on all of the demons, but of course, I didn't say it.

Willow shared a look of almost sadness with me and Kennedy ended up pulling both of us out of the door. I mean, come on, Kennedy, do you have to pull us out there with all of the demons? I mean, really. Again, I didn't say anything and out in the rain, my fears took over and I knew that it was time to battle. The demons were all just waiting for us and attacking the other slayers already out there. I hated looking to my left, because I saw Andrea getting swallowed up by a demon and heard her scream. Vi tried to save her and her arm was chopped off.

And then they came at us. "Willow, you need to go dark. It's the only way. I'd rather have to deal with you then deal with all of these demons. Girls are dying all over the place. You need to go..."

I was hot before I could swing my axe. I was so stupid for not paying attention. SO TUPID! And now, I was dead, except that Willow turned a little dark and with fury, sent a pack of demons away from us, as we moved away from the hotel, me crawling, trying to get to my feet as Giles, Claire and Chao Ahn came out. Chao Ahn was killed, almost immediately and some little flying man came in, but I didn't get sidetracked again. I focused. The demons coming at us again after Willow had removed them, and I knew, I just knew that this time, I was ready. Except, after about a minute, I was exhausted and found myself in trouble again. A demon had me against the wall, and the next thing that I knew, Willow was looking at me, her hair still red but her eyes dark. The demon was burning and I was a liability out here.

I looked her in the eyes. "Willow, behind you!"

[Willow and Kennedy]
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