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The Massive Battle begins; Part five

From Mexico to Los Angeles. It's all in a days work. We received word that Los Angeles was under attack by possible demons. There was no way we were going to ignore the call. The chopper was ready and we took off as soon as possible.

There was joking and kissing in the chopper. Before we headed off to any mission, we made sure we got as much kissing and sweet talk in as possible. When we were on duty it was strictly business. No time for lovey dovey things. Now was the time to get all the lovey dovey affections out. I didn't mind. When this chopper lands, we won't have time to think. Graham was totally getting sick with us. I laughed. Me and Riley were practically having sex in the chopper. Well, not exactly, but that's what we both wanted. We had to control our urges.

I told him we couldn't do this. He understood, even though he has the tendency to be stubborn. This time who knew I meant business.

"This is unbelievable, Ri. Now wonder we got the word about this going down. There are literally thousands of demons down there, if not tens of thousands of them. I'd be stunned if we were the only group related to the military that shows up."

I looked up at Graham and took a look outside. "It's chaos." There were demons everywhere, coming from different streets. Cars were swerving. People were running for their lives. A dragon was flying in the sky. "This looks like an apocalypse." I couldn't believe my eyes. Then again, this is LA. It's not totally impossible. Riley started to gather a plan. He mentioned that Buffy would probably be here. "Cool. We haven't seen her in awhile. It would be cool to finally fight along side her." Then, he mentioned Spike who he had the cutest nickname for, and Angel. I didn't know much about Angel, but she was one of Buffy's exes.

As soon as the chopper touched on the ground, we were being ambushed.

"Double time it, gang. They are coming. Load up and show no mercy and most importantly, be smart!"

I cocked my gun and jumped out after Riley. A demon came up on me and I shot him in the head. "Christ! I don't know if we can hold them down for long." They were coming toward us left and right. I tried to stay close to Riley. I didn't want to lose him in the crowd. I was attacked from behind and fell on to the ground. I kicked my leg out and hit the demon in the face. I flipped up and back handed it in the face. My arm snapped out. My finger was on the trigger as I aimed the gun in between his eyes. I shot the gun and I got him right where I wanted. Blood splattered all over my face. Let's just say I wasn't too happy. I screamed. I looked around and couldn't see Riley.

"Riley! Riley!" I ran through the crowd of demons, shooting everything in sight.

[Riley and Graham]
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