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The Massive battle begins; Part four.

Giles had given the orders, but things had gotten jumbled as we raided this vampire Angel's weapons cache in his hotel. All of us could hear the demons outside, and all of the girls went for weapons. Some of their names, I still didn't really know, and when they had a weapon, they all started rushing out of the door.

Giles was barking orders for everyone to fight in groups of threes and to watch each other's backs at all times. Everytime the door opened, you could hear the howls of all of the demons rushing by towards something. I had been born to a slayer and had grown up with a watcher. I had been there in Sunnydale when the hellmouth exploded, but I had never seen or heard anything like this. Never. To say that I was nervous and had forgotten about the breakup with Faith and the subsequent arguments that had followed it, would be an understatement. I was downright nervous, and as the weapons started running out, another group of six girls went out, presumably in groups of four.

There were just six of us left. Faith and Buffy, who probably should have been seperated, would be fighting with me, and we grabbed the final three swords, as Giles, Claire and Chao Ahn went out to fight together ahead of us.

I looked at Faith and at Buffy. They were the two best. They should have been separated. I was more gifted at grappling and was bigger then a lot of the girls. We should have been separated better then this. "This isn't, good. How can there possibly be that many demons in one place? Is this real?"

They both looked at me, and I didn't mean to portray any fear, because I knew that if two people didn't feel a lot of fear very often, then it would have been Buffy and Faith, but I couldn't help but bring up the fact that this seemed lobsided. There was a curdling in my stomach that like my mother, a lot of slayers would die tonight.

"With the amount of demons that are out there, we are going to get scrambled up out there, in that rain, tonight, Bufy, Faith. We should have separated you two. I should have been with two other slayers. Giles is going out with a slayer that can't understand him and another that is seventeen years old. How is this going to turn out well?"

They both looked at me as we opened the door and saw the demons, still passing by, but some of them engaging the girls. It was time for us to get into the fight. My heartstrings were tugged when I saw Chao Ahn knocked down and before she could get up, a demon bit her head entirely off. It was the biggest demon that I had ever seen, and out of nowhere, from the rooftops, came a stranger jumping in. He killed the demon and backed in towards Faith, seeming to know her.

More girls were screaming down the street. "This is going to be a masacre."

Gunshots and screams and demon howls filled the night, as Buffy, Faith, myself and this strange boy went into action. I worked together with Buffy, the boy, with Faith.

[Buffy, Faith and Connor]
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