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The massive battle begins; Part three.

Justin and I weren't exactly the best of friends. I had planned on killing him earlier this evening. He had let my Brandy die on the cruiseliner coming back to England from the States, and that was unacceptable, and not only because I still harbored feelings for Adria after twenty years, but because it went against the demon code. Not lifting a finger to help your sire or sires, in his case, was grounds for a beheading, after a serious beating.

He arrived at our castle and Fangdan gathered with a couple of the guys outside of the tunnel and we fought. The problem was, that the Sofilar demons, created to kill Dracula, and exclusively killers of vampires, came to the mansion at precisely the same time that Justin had. They had come to kill Fangdan and I, where they had failed to before. They had failed to kill us, but the Sofilar's, three pink and lethal demons to the vampire, hadn't failed to kill virtually every vampire that they had come across. They were more lethal then slayers, because they didn't care about the worldly things and didn't live for anything but their kill, their bounty. They didn't need to eat. They only wanted to kill.

Well, they were killed. Justin and I fought, and try as I may to dislodge his head from his body for letting Brandy die, I wasn't able to kill him. We ripped each other apart, but eventually had to focus on the Sofilar demons, with their stake-like fingers and bites from sharp teeth that injected holy water. Justin and I ended up on the ground, immobile, burning with holy water. We killed the Sofilar demons, took their heads off of their bodies and stomped on the brain matter until they were gone, which was the only way, but then, we couldn't move. Fangdan had succeeded in killing the last of the three Sofilar demons, but I felt something guarding Justin and I as he tried to touch us. Fangdan was launched away, and Justin and I went into a strange sort of vortex, looking at each other, stunned, as everything started moving faster, faster and fastest until we landed, somewhere else, back on Earth, with the knowledge that we weren't without souls anymore.

As we spoke, we heard the demons in the distance, howling. I didn't know where we were, but Justin being an American, he told me, immediately, that we were in Los Angeles. I was born human in 1700, and had never been to Los Angeles. I no longer had the least bit of hate for Justin in my heart. He assured me that he hadn't let Brandy die, and while I still missed Brandy and wished that she were alive, I knew now, that even if she was alive, that I would have to kill her. I no longer harbored hate, or revenge, and Justin felt the same.

All that I knew, was that Justin and I were both seeing lovely brunettes in our heads and like a magnet, I was drawn to her, except that I didn't know where she was, and Justin didn't either. We discussed the femmes in our visions, and they could have bene the same, but we could tell that there were diferences. It would have been nice to get a bloody name to go along with the picture, but even as I ran towards the demon noise, Justin beside me, I could see her. Clad in leather, a tank, flowing brown hair and an ample and succulent bustline. I rushed faster, Justin keeping up. I couldn't help but feel like she was a part of this, of all of this, of what happened to us and of what was happening here in Los Angeles.

We rushed up a street and strangely, virtually no demons were lagging behind. They were rushing towards something down this road. I looked at him and we both knew. We didn't have weapons, but with our hands, we could do a lot of damage. Somebody didn't want us dead, and there were a lot of questions that needed answering. There was a lot of suffering to be had because of my new soul, and the only way to get to those issues, to those answers, was to kill every demon that touched me, and to stay alive.

"You take the bloody ten-thousand on the left, I'll take the bloody ten-thousand on the right." He smiled, I smiled and now it was fight time. I liked this part. It was better then being teased by visions of a brunette goddess and when that wasn't happening, being tortured by bad things that I had done in the past.

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