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The massive fight begins; Part two.

"Okay, everyone, the fight is on. You three stay together and watch each other's backs and fronts. Wesley, you are injured, so cover Spike and Illyria with the bullets and keep your ammunition ready to be reloaded. Don't let any demons get in between you. Spike, Illyria, watch your perimeters, fight back to back, and Wesley, you stay at a distance and watch Spike and Illyria's backs. You and Gunn should be in hospitals, so don't be mixing it up with the fighting. There are thousands of demons here. You won't last unless you use your trigger finger. And this goes without saying, don't shoot any of us. Same goes for you, Gunn, except that you stay behind me and keep anything off of my back or sides so I can engage, and I know that your aim is good enough..."

Angel, as always, had to be the sodding leader, but couldn't argue with his plan. Keeping Wesley and Gunn away from the demons, holding the hand cannons was the way to go. two of them could barely stand, let alone swing an axe. Didn't know if it was for the best that Gunn would be alone with Angel, while I got to work with Blue, but it was how it was going to sodding turn out, as we backed away from Angel's hotel and the demons folowed, lined up for what had to be a bloody kilometer, all advancing towards us. Deja vu had set in as Illyria and I looked each other in the eyes and knew that we would watch each other's back sides, front sides and every sodding side. Deja vu was strong and not wanted, but if there was any place that I belonged, that I wanted to be, then it was right here in the middle of the fight. I had burned up destroying the hellmouth and I would do the same, or it would take a band-full more then that to take me down this time.

Nothing struck me more, as they moved intowards us, then the pronounced level of noise. Was like a concert of morbid slayer fans on crystal-meth, killing each other. The demons were roaring, some of them coming towards us, seething to rip our insides out and to wear them as trophies and then others, other noises were the unmistakable screams of people dying. Tugged at my soul, it did, and Angel could have played this differently, to where there wasn't a ring of massacre around this street and eventually, probably throughout the city, but there was no time to argue that now, not with the dragon coming in. Angel had said that he wanted to slay the dragon, but I wasn't about to let him have that honor. With room to spare, no demon noggin's quite bumping heads with us just yet, I leapt on top of the dragon and held on with one arm, as I dropped my swords and grabbed a stake from my pocket and with the other arm, started wailing it with every ounce of bleeding force that I had. Worked too, because within seconds, Angel had chopped it's head off and it was dead.

This made the demons behind it approach more boldly and faster and as Angel gave me a look about disobeying his orders, I rushed away, grabbing my swords and got back to back with Illyria as the chopping began. Wesley covered us bloody brilliantly, killing some demons and seriously hurting others. When the time was right, we would go back for the ones who weren't dead to finish them off, only now wasn't that time.

Big Blue was the perfect warrior to team up with. Her thrusts with the sword were quick, strong and permanent. Percy stopped firing for a minute, as he reloaded and then, he looked to his left to Se Angel kissing vision girl. She was awake? Good for her. Hey, this night might not be that bad after all. I was nailed as I wasn't looking, by a claw in the side of the head and instinctively feel back, as Leery cut the demons hand off and then his head, before slicing through his friend next to him. The demons, for some reason, ahead didn't seem to be all approaching in a line the way that they bloody were earlier. Gave us a minute.

"That's Angel's girlfriend, Blue. It's not the werewolf that he sent packing to Mexico to vacation and it certainly isn't the slaya, because she's mine...or at least I like to believe that she is. Trust me, vision girl out of the coma means that Angel and she will be sharing kisses and other things...if we all live throught this."

Percy was smiling from behind us and started firing again, reminding us that we still had the fight of and for our lives still ahead of us.

[Illyria and Wesley]
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