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So, here I am in a place, headed for Los Angeles. I started a new life in Europe after Sunnydale sank into the ground. I wanted to start fresh. The only possible way I could have done that was to leave the U.S. Giles wanted me to settle in Cleveland, where the other Hellmouth lived, but I said no. All potentials are slayers now. They didn't need me. I decided that me and Dawn would settle in London. It was perfect. The rest of the gang decided to come with me. We're helping slayers overseas. We've started a new Watcher's Council. Through it all, I missed Spike. He saved the world for all of us. I would think about him everyday. At first, it was hard on me, but I came to realize that he died doing what he wanted to do. After that, I left him in peace.

My life couldn't be completely normal, but it was good to have most of the burden off of my shoulders. Like, I could go out and enjoy the European nightlife and not worry about protecting everyone. There were millions of active slayers here, and for once, it wasn't all on me. Although, I did jump in on the action when I wanted. It's a habit. I still think I am the slayer. I survived longer than any slayer before me. I should say, me and Faith did. I can't leave her out. She's been making a huge change. Sure, she still has her 'I don't care' attitude, but she's been doing good with the girls. Occasionally, getting into trouble. Faith could never change completely. I smiled as I looked over at Faith. She looked at me like I was crazy. Me, Faith, Giles and Wood were sitting in front of Xander and the girls. The pilot just announced we will be landing in Los Angeles in fifteen minutes.

I never thought I'd be back here. But, Angel got into a huge mess. That's what he gets for being CEO of Wolfram and Hart. I must say, I would never think Angel would go so low. I wondered what happened to him. It was frustrating. Yes, I still loved him. Maybe, not in the way I once did, but I really felt betrayed that he joined forces with Wolfram and Hart. He wasn't playing for the good guys, anymore. Angel thought he could work good and use the resources, but it looks like it didn't work out that way.

We were on this plane to save the world, and that was it. Save the world, and then we're on the next plane back home. It's bad enough I feel horrible for leaving Dawn back in London, but I needed her safe. I didn't want her anywhere near this fight. There was too much to lose, and I wasn't about to lose her. She stayed back with Andrew, Bethany and Amanda. I knew she would be safe. Still, I knew she would be mad at me for a few days. The sacrifices we make to keep loved ones' safe. Right now, it was time to come up with a place. I had less than ten minutes.

"Alright, so we'll head to the Hyperion. I'm sure Angel kept some weapons there when he left. It's the only place I know that has the weapons we need." Faith's been in Angel's hotel, so I'm pretty sure she knew where everything would be. "Then, we'll go to the alleyway and meet up with Angel. Hopefully, they'll still be there."

I looked around. These poor people didn't know what they were flying into. We had to stop this, before Los Angeles turned into another Sunnydale.

[Giles, Faith, and Wood]
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